I.All students need to report in the school regularly & punctually with complete uniform book copies & study material. They are to be disciplined every where as it is key to their success.
II.Prayer of any king through application should reach principal only vide the respective class teacher of a student.
III.No student is allowed to absent himself/ herself from the class without obtaining prior permission of leave.
IV.Students should deposit the progress report signed by their guardian within 2 days of their receipt.
V.Books ( Other than those prescribed by the teachers ) and magazines are not allowed into the classroom without the permission of teachers.
VI.No groupism should be created in the school and no function should be organized without the approval of the principal.
VII.Parents are welcome to contact the principal about the progress of the child.
VIII.Guardians are not allowed to come to school at their own sweet will and meet the principal or teachers and disturb the school discipline.
IX.Extra coaching in vacations for poor students or completion of course etc. is sole discretion of staff council's decision. It will be noticed prior to the sole discretion of staff council's decision it will be noticed prior to the concerned vacation when need for such classes are felt.
X.Parents can check the copies of exams. of their wards in the parents meeting following 2nd Term exam.
XI.Doubt clearance, receipt of certificate, payment of any king etc. is to be communicated within school hour i.e. 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. only