:: Welcome to Ghanashyam Hemalata Vidyamandir... English Medium co-Educational-Cum-Day School
:: Welcome to Ghanashyam Hemalata Vidyamandir... English Medium co-Educational-Cum-Day School



Admission through admission test from I to class VIII.
Countersigned T.C. is required incase of admission in to any class (II-VIII)
The candidate should have been a student of Eng. Medium school run on the CBSE pattern & affiliated to CBSE or ICSE . The candidates should attach Date of Birth Certificate in case of 1 st admission
Children of the age 5+ can take admission into Std.-I and like wise in other classes 6+ ,7+,8+, on the first April of the admission year
Three recent passport size photographs of the candidate & two photographs of each parents should be pasted on the specified space & the rest be deposited & extra two copies be deposited for the boarders
Submission of all documents and payment of all dues at the time of admission
Re-admission is compulsory for the candidate promoted to the upper classes & for them who are detained in the same classes
Application form & prospectus can beobtained from the school office on payment of Rs.80/- in person 7 on payment of Rs. 120/- by post on all working days from school office
Admission is not allowed in the middle of the session particularly after 20 th April

Students appearing for board Examination should pay fees as prescribed by the board. They need to clear all the annual dues before they fill in the form for Board Exam . i.e. by last weed of August.
All dues including school fees must be cleared up before the terminals and Annual Examination (vig 30 july,30 oct & 28 feb) or else your ward can't appear the Exam .There is no provision for retest due to late payment of dues.
Parents and guardians are requested to insist on receipts for payment of fees for the whole session. They are requested to send the exact amount of fees
Fines and other charges will be collected with the monthly dues
In case a child loses the progress card a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs .10/- at the sale count2r only after request has been made by the parents or guardians
If parents need with drawing their wards from any standard other than class X they will get back their caution money after three years
Breakage of school or hostel property by the individual student will be subject to fine . Mass breakage of the same will be charged from mass on the basis of equal share of the total cost
Long absence without intimation and not paying tuition fee will lead to struck of name
School and Hostel fee are to be cleared with in 30 th of the same month, or else fine of Rs. 30/- is charged from 1 st of the following month
Please don't request for special rebate in bus fare excluding the provision of 25% & 30% for two & three children from one family. And full fare is to be paid if one comes for 3-5 days in a month
Enhancement over fee total structure will range with in 10% in every year
Caution money deposited at the time of admission is refundable only after 3yrs. In case of continuance of the student at the time of departure
Students not reporting on the re-opening day of the school after vacation and after class promotion will be charged Rs. 5/- per day first 3 days and Rs. 1/- per day for the rest following days
Absence on any ground (other than medical ground supported by approved leave application will be charged Rs. 1/- per day .Long leave on medicall ground is to be supported by Medical Certificate.)
Things once issued cann't be returned

Generally withdrawals are remitted at the end of the session if such withdrawal is warranted for satisfactory reasons
Absence for more than 3 days immediately after summer vacation tenders the student liable to have his/her name struck of the rolls
The following categories of pupils may be required to be withdrawn from, the school
Those who do not achieve the satisfactory progress
Those whose fees are in arrears
Those whose behavior in the opinion of the principal is harmful to the interest of the school
The transfer certificate can be issued only after all the fees and dues of the school are paid and verified and after being cleared from different sections
if a student is withdrawn for any length of time and the parents wish him/her to be readmitted, admission fees will be charged again.
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