:: Welcome to Ghanashyam Hemalata Vidyamandir... English Medium co-Educational-Cum-Day School
:: Welcome to Ghanashyam Hemalata Vidyamandir... English Medium co-Educational-Cum-Day School


     Ghanashyam Hemalata Vidya Mandir is an unique English Medium, co-educational residential institution based in the +2 national pattern of education and syllabi and provides CBSE course.

     The Vidyalaya is named after honourable founder cum-chairman Sri Ganashyam Jena &holy mother Srimati Hemalata Devi. It ows its origin to the unflagging devotion, tenacious effort, unflinching courage and determination, indomitable perseverance and peerless patience of Sri Jena.

     The financial establishment and the outstanding growth of the Vidyalaya is attributed to the vision and dedication of founder and the gifts received from Lakhs of generous members of his great family, the FCI workers’ union and petroleum products handing and Careers Employees Union.

     The institution functions under the supervision of the managing committee of GHITM society which has been registered under society's Registraton Act. No. S/27929 of 1995, Delhi. It is affiliated to CBSE Vide affiliation No.15363. Society has taken up the project of installing an ideal Education Complex providing education from pre-primary to university level for making a complete man.

    This institution is ideally stationed at Bhuan. 3 K.M. away from the beach of Bay of Bengal just at the centre of Puri-Konark marine drive on the vast land scape of 150 acr. The pleasant & sweet marine breeze round the year along with blessing from the temple of Goddess of learning “Ma Saraswati in the campus sets an unparallel and marvelous studious environment for all the inmates.

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